WNYESC Consultant Services

School leaders are constantly working to make the most of their resources. Sometimes, the most precious resource is time- time to plan, time to study. At times, school leaders would benefit from a fresh perspective to offer insight and feedback to those with whom they work.

The Western New York Educational Service Council understands these needs and has a team of veteran school and district leaders ready to offer their experience and expertise to meet District needs. From efficiency studies to strategic planning to Board of Education retreats and leadership coaching, WNYESC consultants can help schools and districts take on tasks to make their organization stronger and, thus, make the experiences they offer students richer.

Currently the Service Council is under contract with the following districts:

  • Keshequa CSD - Mascot selection process

  • Grand Island CSD - Coaching/BOE Retreat

  • Alden CSD - BOE Retreat

  • New York Mills CSD - Long Range Planning

  • Lockport City SD - Enrollment Planning and Capital Project Planning

  • Oriskany CSD - Coaching

Below are some of the possibilities for a WNYESC consultant project. Contact the Council at wnyesc222@gmail.com for more information on services available and rates for member and non-member districts.


Long-Range Planning/ Efficiency Studies

WNYESC has years of experience working alongside Districts to provide feedback on their programs and operations and offering recommendations tailored to the specific needs of the District.

Efficiency studies look at one or more specific aspects of the operation to cite areas of strength as well as opportunities for growth and improvement. Special Education, Transportation, Technology and Curriculum are typical areas for past efficiency studies.

Long Range Strategic Planning allows WNYESC consultants to team with District leaders in a process to build long-range plans to help the District move closer to fulfilling its mission and vision for the future.

Rather than offer a "cookie cutter" process, WNYESC efficiency studies and long-range planning initiatives are tailored to meet the needs of individual districts.

Administrative/ Leadership Coaching

Western New York Education Service Council has developed a service to match experienced NYS administrators to provide coaching for new administrators/ superintendents.

WNYESC members are committed to building the capacity of the interns they serve by applying the principles of cognitive coaching to their work. The WNYESC coaching service offers a core package of two hours of contact between the mentor and the intern each month. Additional services can be added to tailor the services to the intern and district's need.


BOE Image

Board of Education Development Workshops

At the request of school districts, the WNY Educational Service Council conducts workshops for Boards of Education to facilitate their individual collective capacity.

WNYESC workshops assist school board members in fulfilling their roles and responsibilities effectively and efficiently.

Topics include:

  • board assessment

  • superintendent searches

  • long-range planning

  • plan implementation

  • SAT analysis

  • technology effectiveness

  • curriculum assessment

  • management systems development

  • program evaluations

  • fiscal / school business management

  • management studies

Board- Superintendent Services

WNYESC understands that the effective collaboration and positive relationship between a Superintendent and Board of Education is paramount to achieving the District's educational mission. Despite all best intentions, effective collaboration is not automatic. A WNYESC consultant can work with your Board-Superintendent Team to design a process to establish clear protocols and foster more effective communication to strengthen that relationship.

Board Supt