2023-24 WNYESC Member Benefits

The Western New York Educational Service Council is currently serving 77 School Districts or public, charter or private schools in New York State. Membership in the Council provides members with access to a variety of benefits including attendance at the Council's professional development events and preferred rates for consultant services and special events.

2023-24 WNYESC Membership Rates

  • Tier One (District enrollment 3000+ students)= $1800

  • Tier Two (District enrollment 1500-2999 students)= $1450

  • Tier Three (District enrollment Less than 1500 students)= $800

  • Tier Four: Private/ Charter Schools= $400

WNYESC Member Benefits

  • Free attendance (cost of meals extra) at all WNYESC events including:

    • 2024-25 Leadership Series Events

    • Special WNYESC Series such as new administratior or Aspring Superintendent Clinics.

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